Part of Life

On a cool September evening, I started walking towards the local grocery store entrance and noticed a tall, thirty something man with a cane trying to make his way toward the door.  I thought to myself how that same struggle could have been mine, since fifteen years ago I had suffered a traumatic leg injury, but was blessed to have recovered over the years.  With a feeling of compassion, I walked past him and continued toward the grocery entrance. 

Suddenly, I heard a crash and looked around to see the man had fallen down and was trying to get back up. Then, he fell again.  Another women, walking behind him, and I both quickly walked over to offer some help. 

As he got back up, we all continued to walk into the grocery together while the man made conversation about the parking lot being so clean and how he forgot to take the medication that helps him walk better.  It seemed that he was taking the incident in stride.  When I pulled a grocery cart out for him, he held on and continued to make his way in the store and each one of us went about our own business of shopping.

A few minutes later, I almost started crying as I thought about this guy’s struggle and how easy it is to take something like standing up straight and walking for granted.  I thought about my own injured leg and recovery and started focusing on the feeling in my legs as I walked around with no trouble at all.  I also thought about how everyone goes through life with certain issues they have to deal with, but it’s just a “part of life.”

I guess moments like this are reminders to be grateful for our bodies and what they give us on a daily basis.   I will always have a picture of that incident in my memory and I hope I never forget to be thankful for the blessings of good health and a body that supports the life I am living.

“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking.” ~Michael Patrick King

Blessings, Kaye

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3 Responses to Part of Life

  1. Carol says:

    Great point! We should all be thankful for every moment that we can breathe, walk and talk – among plenty of other blessings! Life can change on a dime.

  2. kaye says:

    Thanks for your comment, Carol. That quick experience really shook me up enough to write it down. It seemed like a wake up call to pay more attention to the important basics in life that are often taken for granted…like walking. Wow! And there’s so much more to be added to the gratitude list!

  3. Kaye's Dad says:

    Compassion comes from the heart. It builds love for your fellow person. We are proud of Kaye for the love she shows each day of her life. We feel blessed to have her for our dauthter.